Watts-Mueller Machine Videos

Design Parts: Specifications

WM-36 CNC Pipe Cutting Machine

Schedule Parts

W-244 Machine with an Air Filtration System

Nesting of Parts

WM Series Making Multiple Cuts

WM Series Machine Cutting a Large Vessel

WM-60 Large Pipe Cutting Machine Installed

Newly Installed WM36 Machine - Test Cuts

WM-Series - Advancing a Large Pipe

Large Vessel Profiling - Cutting Machines

W-242 - Computerized Pipe Cutting Machine

WM-60 Cutting a Long Vessel

Introduction to Watts-Mueller Machines

Watts-Mueller: New Sliding Pipe Chuck

W-122 CNC Cutting Machine with 3D Software

WM-Series - Dome Cutting Machine

WM-Series - Pipe Profiling

W-242 Pipe Cutter in Action with 3D Software

W-244 CNC Pipe Machine

W-244 Machine Moving thru Multiple Cuts

WM Robo Series Beam Cutting

W-60-20 Pipe Beveler, Coupon Cutter

The W-60-20 is a preferred machine in schools and training facilities. Capable of cutting up to 12" diameter pipe. The W-60-20 comes standard with a Watts oxy-fuel torch that utilizes a Victor style 3-101 tip that can be rotated to produce the desired weld bevel.

W-60-20 Straight Pipe Cutter

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