3D-Profile Plus Software

Comprehensive Software
for Process-Oriented Production

Shorter production time and lower costs = Increased Productivity

Our software solutions for machines and processes make the production workflow for our customers more efficient. Our thermal cutting machines make 3D contours as part of an integrated process chain rather than an isolated element.

With our 3D-Profile Plus software CAM modules, we link our machines to both upstream and downstream workflows, significantly reducing production time, material costs and errors. The 3D-Profile Plus software is the basis for the Watts Classic and Watts Blended machine series.

Design Parts: Specifications

3D-Profile Plus is a comprehensive CAD/CAM system for:
- Modeling cutting geometries
- Nesting numerous parts to be cut on a single pipe
- Assigning cutting functions to one or several machines
  (while taking into account their respective capacity)
- Keeping track of current working process stages at the machine(s) AND
- Calculating and recording cutting times and costs

3D-Profile Plus also provides extensive reporting functions for calculation or documentation purposes. Furthermore, 3D-Profile Plus provides comprehensive reporting for downstream costing and documentation purposes. This robust software system can be fully integrated into any company workflow as an autonomous software system for the modeling of pipes or by importing drawings from a multitude of CAD software systems.

Schedule and Nest Parts
Real-Time Display of Machine Operation

3D-Profile Plus Screenshots

Nesting with 3D-Profile Plus

3D-Profile Plus offers rich data in SQL views that can be pulled into Excel and other tools for reporting, and into ERP systems or other databases. 3D-Profile Plus is typically run at both the machine and in an office(s). In offices: a CAD designer and/or detailers can import jobs, design parts, and plan work. At the machine, operators can input nested parts on pipes and other cut jobs.

CAD Software Compatibility
3D-Profile Plus can import parts and complete design spools of most well-known software CAD systems such as Acorn, AutoDesk, Aveva, COMPRESS, Intergraph, Pro CAD, Pro Engineer, SPOOLCAD, Solid Works or Tekla Structures and many others. Custom importers for special CAD systems can be developed in cooperation with customers.
See our Compatibility Chart.

Exporting Data: SPOOLCAD to 3D-Profile Plus

3D-Profile Plus modeling module
The 3D-Profile Plus modeling module permits independent production of pipe cutting contours represented in 3D with dimension contours. To begin, a cutting contour such as a saddle cut is selected. Then, only a few parameters need to be entered into a pre-set mask to allow the cutting contour to develop automatically. Repetitive contours can simply be duplicated.

3D-Profile Plus nesting module
Once all the parts have either been modeled or alternatively imported, with a single command our 3D software automatically nests the parts on a pipe. This algorithm for such optimal nesting can save up to 10% in material cost. The pipe segments to be cut are then shown in 3D on the monitor.

During the cutting process, both the machine operator and those using 3D-Profile Plus in offices can remotely see the machines' cutting progress. Our software also integrates software that can automatically print unique labels for each part and report back to the resident/ERP database for a complete workflow process.

3D-Profile Plus and SQL databases
3D-Profile Plus runs on top of SQL databases. These databases expose a rich set of data views for use in ERP, process management, inventory control, and custom reporting. Our customers often integrate 3D-Profile Plus data with their ERP system, and also with Microsoft Excel to create custom live reports for job costing, scheduling and tracking, inventory control, and post-job analyses.