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Watts Specialties has over 1,700 machines at work each day in 72 countries - this demonstrates the reliability of our products. Our 3D profile cutting machines are manufactured in the USA and provide cutting and automated welding solutions for the toughest requirements in the metalworking industry - we can custom-manufacture a machine for you in Chicago.

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CNC Plasma Pipe Profile Cutting - Chicago

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Our CNC Plasma Pipe Profiling Machines are engineered and manufactured in the USA for the most demanding fabrication projects around the world. We can custom-build a machine for your shop and ship it direct to Chicago.

Watts Specialties industrial machines range from the Eco Series, capable of handling pipe from 2" to 36" OD up to the Compact Series machines capable of handling pipe up to 60" OD.

Our machines offer superior pipe cutting, beveling and joint cuts:
- straight cuts   - saddle cuts   - miter joints   - nested cuts.

In addition, our 3D-Profile Plus Software enables efficient nesting of pipe cutting for multiple cuts...and multiple pipes. Program at the monitor and hit the "Start" button. Our customer case studies show how you too can save on both material and labor costs.

3D-Profile Plus Software

Watts Specialties 3D-Profile Plus CAM modules link our machines to both upstream and downstream workflows, significantly reducing production time, material costs and errors. Our thermal cutting machines make 3D contours as part of an integrated process chain rather than an isolated element.

Learn More about 3D-Profile Plus
3D-Profile Plus enables your CNC plasma pipe profile machine to design, import, nest and communicate with most CAD systems.
3D-Profile Plus nesting module: Once all the parts have either been modeled or alternatively imported, with a single command the software automatically nests the parts on a pipe. This algorithm for such optimal nesting can save up to 10% in material cost. The pipe segments to be cut are then shown in 3D on the monitor.

3D Profile Plus Pipe Cutter Machines Chicago

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Watts Specialties CNC Plasma Pipe Cutting Machines Chicago

"Our machines are being used for multi-million dollar projects all around the world," said David Carr, Director of Sales and Marketing for WattsSpecialties.
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