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John Ferrucci,VP
F+F Mechanical

We have recently updated the case study we did on F+F Mechanical in New Haven, Connecticut. Watts-Mueller and F+F Mechanical are covered for the next few months on the FF Journal site - they are covering the update we did with F+F Mechanical.

"After the original purchase of our W-244 machine," said John Ferrucci, "our production went up dramatically. It took 3-4 months to adjust to our new capabilities, but after those first months our production increased by 26%."

The Fabricator - April 2020 has a story about how the P1 Group has used a Watts-Mueller machine to streamline and increase production while reducing costs. [Read the full article]

MCAA reports on how Piping Systems Inc. enhanced their fabrications with a Watts-Mueller WM-60 machine. [Read the full article]

Plasma machine helps pipe fabricator expand services

November 2018

Every once in a while, a business starts as a success. Merging two complementary companies or buying a successful business unit and bringing it into an existing corporate structure are two ways to start out on top. However, most success stories are based on humble origins, and the story of Porter Pipe & Supply, Addison, Ill., is one of this sort....
Eventually the company invested in a 6-axis machine, Watts model W-244. "The most exciting new opportunity is in our ability to deliver beveled pipe..."    [Read the full article]

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David Carr

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