Manually Controlled Pipe Cutting

W-60-20SM Saddle-Miter Pipe Cutter

Saddle-Miter Pipe Cutter
This is the machine to buy if you are cutting pipe 12 inches and below, such as stair rails, machine frames or plumbing. Cuts perfect 90 degree saddle joints to connect any size branch to any size trunk, including 1:1 matches. Miters can be set to any practical angle. This machine will save you hours of labor.

Table Top W-60-20SM
The W-60-20SM cuts straight cuts, miters, and 90 degree saddles on pipe up to 12". Set the cam using the chart on the side of the machine to produce the shape desired. This machine comes standard with an oxy fuel torch that utilizes a Victor style 3-101 size torch tip. The torch can be rotated to produce the desired weld bevel. Comes standard with Rotary Ground and wired for plasma. Optional accessories allow you use a machine plasma system in addition to oxy-fuel.

The W-60-20SM can be mounted as a table top machine, adding flexibility to your shop.

  • Diameter: 1 1/4 – 12 inches
  • Length: Depends on carriage
  • Volts: 110V
  • Amps: 4
  • Shipping Weight: 170lbs.

  • W-60-20SM Saddle-Miter Pipe Cutter

    Saddle joints of all angles are possible with this machine. When you need repeatable joint cuts, Watts machines can save you time and money.

    Saddle-Miter Pipe Cutting MachineSaddle-Miter Pipe Cutting Machine