MDavis Demonstrates a Watts Machine to Government Leaders During National Manufacturing Day in Delaware.
Left to right in the photo at left: Senator Chris Coons (DE), U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker, and Congressman John Carney (DE). Government leaders visited technology-leading manufacturers in Delaware.

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Clean Cuts on Stainless Steel Piping Saves Money   - Read the full story

Modern Piping, Inc. uses a Watts W-242 CNC Plasma Cutter with a Victor Technologies 300-amp Water Mist Secondary (WMS®) torch for super clean cuts on stainless steel pipe - this method leads to minimal pipe cleaning.
"Before switching to the new WMS torch," said Jim Tedrow, Fabrication Shop Manager, "we would use one $3 grinding wheel for each pipe prep. Dross is no longer an issue. We do not have to touch it anymore for cleaning."

Multiple Cuts in Minutes

Real numbers: saving manhours and increasing production using Watts equipment.

David Branscum, Production Manager of SSI Fabricated, shares astounding efficiency numbers since using the Watts System:

"Prior to using the Watts System [intricate cuts] would have taken an entire day of set up - with Watts we enter the data and multiple cuts get done literally in minutes rather than hours."

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