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WM-48 or W-364 CNC Pipe & Vessel Cutting Machine

Automated Pipe & Vessel Shell Cutter
The WM-48 or W-364 is a 6 Axis CNC Pipe & Vessel Shell Cutting Machine that will dramatically increase your pipe cutting and beveling productivity. It will also increase your dimensional accuracy and make fit-up easier with oxy-fuel or plasma arc cutting.

The 3rd and 4th Axis of motion allows the oxy-fuel torch to rotate along the linear axis of the pipe and perpendicular to the linear axis to perform true beveled holes and end cuts. The maximum rotation angle allows the torch to rotate 45 degrees from vertical in both directions. This will allow the operator to create a fitting with the edge preparation done and ready to weld. Learn more about the WM-48 CNC Pipe Cutting Machine

  Watts-Mueller CNC Plasma Pipe Cutting Machines

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"Our machines are being used for multi-million dollar projects all around the world," said David Carr, Director of Sales and Marketing for Watts-Mueller.

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  Watts-Mueller Tube and Pipe Journal, CNC Plasma Pipe Cutting Machines

December 2018 Issue

Watts-Mueller Featured
in Industry-Leading
Journal along with
Porter Pipe & Supply
of Chicago

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Plasma-Oxy Fuel W-122 Computerized Pipe Cutting Machines New Orleans
Find out more about the W-122 CNC Pipe Cutting Machine

W-122 CNC Pipe Cutting Machine

Two-Axis CNC Pipe Cutting Machine
The W-122 is a two axis pipe cutter with both Computer Control and Manually controlled bevel angles. The roller bed is capable of handling a 20ft pipe and can cut diameters from 1" (1.31" O.D.) to 12.750" O.D.

The W-122 has a plasma torch clamped into a protractor frame. The plasma torch can be rotated manually to the required bevel angles. Up to 50 cuts can be linked together, enabling the cutting carriage to travel automatically from one cut to the next. Cuts are programmed from the control panel menu - positioning is based off pipe centerlines. Available cut types: straight, miters, saddles, Y's, holes, slots, rectangles, offset holes and saddles, dummy legs and elipses.


Company Executives Discuss how Using Watts-Mueller Equipment has helped them Increase Efficiency, Cut Manhours and Generate more Profits.

Eferest GmbH CEO Ulrich Blaschke credits a Watts-Mueller machine for helping his company increase production and efficiency:
"We were building over 7,000 vessels each year and we needed more efficiency without any loss of quality...We needed a machine for cutting pipe to precise lengths, beveling, and cutouts."

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Plant Manager Luke Brown shares how a new Watts-Mueller machine allowed his fabrication team to increase output while reducing waste with hundreds of daily cuts:

"Prior to getting the Watts-Mueller machine we would get 40 finished couplers daily with around a 40% rejection rate...The new machine enables us to produce 180 couplers daily with almost no rejections."
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John Bonk, President of M.Davis, talks about how Watts-Mueller equipment has helped his company be competitive:

"I became convinced that we could save a lot of time and money by using the Watts-Mueller machine and PypeServer software."

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  Automated Large Vessel and Dome Cutting Machines New Orleans

Automated Pipe Cutting Machines
Large Vessel and Dome Cutting

Using the Watts-Mueller 3D Profiling Machine with PypeServer software it is possible to create complex pressure vessel designs at the machine or import from a 3D drawing package like Codeware's Compress. This automated machine is designed specifically to perform intricate cuts such as those pictured in the large vessel and dished end gallery. Both plasma and oxy-fuel cutting torches are available. See the 3d Profiling Machine.



Read how a fabrication company increased efficiency using the Watts Pipe Cutting and 3D PypeServer System

David Branscum
Production Manager, GM

"We have only been using the Watts W-484 System with PypeServer Software for just over 8 weeks," said Branscum. "I would estimate that we are saving around 160 man hours per week since getting the Watts System. That is equivalent to 4 pipe fitters, and we may be saving more time than I have estimated."
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