Customer Stories

Company Executives Discuss how Using Watts-Mueller Equipment has helped them Increase Efficiency,
Cut Manhours and Generate more Profits.

Empire Piers Increases Production and Reduces Fabrication Waste with Watts-Mueller

Plant Manager Luke Brown shares how a new Watts-Mueller machine allowed his fabrication team to increase output while reducing waste with hundreds of daily cuts:
"Prior to getting the Watts-Mueller machine we would get 40 finished couplers daily with around a 40% rejection rate...The new machine enables us to produce 180 couplers daily with almost no rejections."

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O'Cain Inc. Extends Production of Large Pipe Fabrication with a Watts-Mueller Machine

David O'Cain, President of O'Cain Inc., shares how a Watts-Mueller cutting machine produces a high volume of field-ready pipe for a major East Coast mining company:
"The Watts-Mueller machine will cut and bevel each joint in under a minute...This machine cuts a beautiful bevel..."

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Porter Pipe & Supply Expand Production with Efficiency from a Watts-Mueller Machine
Nick Porter, COO of Porter Pipe & Supply, discusses the efficiency gained using the Watts-Mueller W-244:
"The Watts-Mueller W-244, six axis machine has enabled us not only to grow, it has opened up more opportunities as well."

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M.Davis & Sons Competes for More Projects and Increases Company Profits

John Bonk, President of M.Davis, talks about how Watts-Mueller equipment has helped his company be competitive:
"I became convinced that we could save a lot of time and money by using the Watts-Mueller machine and PypeServer software."

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Nesting Pipe Cutting done in Minutes Rather than Taking All Day.

David Branscum, Production Manager of SSI Fabricated, gives astounding efficiency numbers since using the Watts-Mueller System:
"...[intricate cuts] would have taken an entire day of set up - with Watts-Mueller...multiple cuts get done literally in minutes..."

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Modern Piping: Clean Stainless Steel Cuts Saves Money
Jim Tedrow, Fabrication Shop Manager:
"...we would use one $3 grinding wheel for each pipe prep. Dross is no longer an issue. We do not have to touch it anymore for cleaning."

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